New Logo!

2011-09-02 14:42:53 by MobiusIII

A very talented friend of mine has whipped up this awesome logo! It even comes in different colors. Impressions?

New Logo!

After the Storm

2011-08-21 18:00:56 by MobiusIII

New Song. My best yet, if I do say so myself.

New Song!

2011-04-22 23:18:06 by MobiusIII

Destruction Forgone'd. It's a remix of Forgone Destruction from Unreal Tournament. Check it ooout

New Stuffs for joo

2010-12-04 16:22:27 by MobiusIII

Two new songs? - within 12 hours of each other?! This will never happen again.

Prepare 2 Launch and TranceJump(Metal Guitar Dub).

Check em out! and be sure to leave a review if you would be so kind.

Miraculously I have found time to produce something new - and it is not a remix! It shall have made itself decent for impressionable listeners within the week. Hopefully!

You Survive - Tha REMIX!

2010-08-07 01:54:12 by MobiusIII

If you liked the original, or if you like Mechwarrior, or simply computer women telling you to do things, then Check.IT.OUT! If you are a negative on any of the above.............CHECK.IT.OUT!

P.S. My last submission of the summer, cuz yknow, college and all.

MIII - You Survive (Dream-mix)

You Survive - Tha REMIX!

Review giving people! Where you is?

2010-07-23 01:30:38 by MobiusIII

Just wondering why some songs on the New Submissions get like 8 reviews instantly, whereas I've only gotten 2. Ever. Makes me sad. Review my shit! I make Better!

EDIT: Found some! :D Always need more, tis what keeps me going.